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Two Happy Family (Sparks & Shadows 2016)

   Locked inside the underground bunker after broke-up with her boyfriend from New Orleans and driving out the rural Louisiana and the reports of blackout in several major cities is the only thing happens before a truck side-swiping her car and knocks off out the road unconscious. Michelle realizing then that she’s being helped or held by the nuclear/chemical fall-out bunker owner – Howard brought her for protection calmed her down to meet with Emmett another survivor and got a quick tour around the well-stocked food supplies, showing viewport from the bunker exit hatch two dead pigs outside as evidence of the terrible fallout as Michelle learn more about Howard’s truck as concern about herself and privately, trying to seek more information on Howard motivation and background story.
The key stealing by Michelle only leads her to the last door upstairs where a burnt out or infected woman appears from nowhere forcing her to open the shelter door for her to come in too in anger shocks Michelle as now everything that Howards told them seems to be clearly correct as the daily living continues for them quite nicely as relationship between three of them relaxed but intolerance and caring for Michelle as his little girl by Howard reveals that he admitted for his dying long daughter while giving girl shirts to Michelle but later on the truth reveals in reversed as the missing girl is not his daughter as suspicious discovers Michelle and Emmett to the real story and evidence of the help sign carved on one of the surface window hatch from inside as 10 Cloverfield Lane would be your psychological horror thrilling favorable movie as the credits for the scoring music soundtrack instrumentals conducted and composes by Bear McCreary through The Concrete Cell, A Bright Red Flash, Message From Megan, The Burn onto Valencia did following the continuity over the young couple trying to run-away from Howard by make-shifting Hazmat Suit quietly as well as stealing tools and parts behind his back; with the threatening accuses and trying to immerse them into a barrel of perchloric acid but Howard then wrestled and kills Emmett with a gun shocked Michelle whom desperately making her final preparation as she surprising Howard by burning him on a knocked over barrel of acid with a start of electricity firing the bunker. 
   The night-time escape outside soon turning to a nightmare as a bio-mechanical alien spacecraft appears emits green gas but trying to chase and capture her before Michelle thrown a Molotov cocktail to the craft as the explosion releasing her from the robotic appendage taking the dead woman’s car and driving away to Texas border as the radio chatter instructing survivors heading to Baton Rouge and evacuates but the requesting personnel to Houston is a crossroad for Michelle to choose where to go as the distant larger alien ship conquering the sky …