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Travelogue Totem (Edel America 1997)

   Trying to find the place across the most remote Amazon river long-lost indigenous tribe the shirishamas in the making of documentary film shoot directed by Terri Flores with her entire filming crew which includes Danny Rich the cameraman, production manager Denise, sound engineering Gary Dixon, visionary Warren Westridge and anthropologist professor Steven Cale and boat-skipper Mateo and local snake hunter Serone being saved from stranded in the middle of the river near a ship-wreck.
Knowing about the dangerous and amazing environment of Amazonia as well as the lost tribe wants to help showing the right direction to the team. Actually, Serone hiding his true intentions for capturing the largest snake on the planet – Anaconda using this boat as the uncomfortable things started to happen of the other crew members; the clashes between Serone and Cale as the professor unfortunately stung on the throat by a water wasp leave him unconscious in bed after had an emergency cricothyrotomy performed by Serone in order to show fake kindness and taking over the command on boat – forcing them to pursue the same objective hunting for giant anaconda. 
   Randy Edelman scoring works for the original motion picture soundtrack of Anaconda really came across the most natural events happening along this adventure-horror movie; stage and screen music tunes of the thrilling scary compositions like This Must Be Heaven, Watching and Waiting; Seduction to Baiting The Line tells the middle and climax of the story ended where some members died terribly horrible consuming by the gigantic serpent or Serone wicked did to Denise as well as the entire trip seems turning to nightmare as monkey blood sprinkles and the devastating attempts to survived the madness of Serone bombing the tribal dam that caging the monster creature on the other side of the river as well as the waterfall shallow water stuck the boat; Danny fighting Serone while Westridge being coiled by the giant snake. The dock arrival and the Anaconda chase really exhausting Terri and Danny but Serone trying to kill them then being coiled and eaten alive by the snake which soon after that vomiting him back. 
They burning the anacondas only to coming back one more time to be mauled with pickaxe splitting up and drown. Showing also from the misty corner of the forest - the crew catches the glimpse of Shirishama people appearing on showing them the way.