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Training Montage (Chrysalis Records 1993)

   Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from Rocky IV did landscaping the background tragedy of not only the loss of Apollo Creed’s bigger mouth on challenging the Soviet champion boxer – Ivan Drago who came to America on the exhibits training towards the Russian/Cuba athleticism hallmark of superiority displaying to the westerners resulting the unbalance fight on the ring as Drago took the boxing show for himself and the Soviet pride by defeating and kills Creed at MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas as the nation watch and bleed in tears. Mentally, erupts the enraged Rocky within the cold war indifferences and avenging his best friend’s death challenging Ivan Drago as preparations being made by both sides and will be taken place in Moscow capital hall as Adrian, Paulie and Duke encouraging him on trainings difficulties outdoors to the snowy mountain or streets of Philly as public supporting Rocky as well on this fourth installments before going to Russia. Drago’s high-tech equipments and steroid shots elaborates the Soviet hero muscle and ability doubles twice the average man had but throw logs and chop down trees onto pulling heavy loads and climbs limbering Rocky preparation for the match.
   The various artists original classics songs available for the sports-drama action here like Survivor’s hits upon Burning Heart, Eye of The Tiger, Kenny Loggins/Gladys Knight’s Double or Nothing; John Cafferty on Hearts on Fire, Vince DiCola, James Brown onto Robert Tepper and Go West took their patriotism over the good music tunes recorded there as Rocky facing Drago ina unforgettable moment of boxing fight of the century with The Italian Stallion heavyweight champion of the world being beaten-up really bad by the tall, white hope of the Soviet to win the cold war on ultimate sports as balboa bleeding really bad but keeping his tough strategy, strength and endurance with the clever rope-a-dope tactics finally, drops Drago’s stamina as he’s not a robot being bash back by Rocky whose coming back from the fall and shocking most of the Soviet spectators and important politbiro as Rocky wins by knock-out from the last permanent hook jamming Drago as sent to the floor. 

   Acknowledgement as disdain of the crowds turning respects towards Rocky Balboa rocks USSR that night sending his beloved family a warm Christmas greeting on TV and drowning under the spotlights and applaud cheers of victory.