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Tight I’m Rocker (Combat/Roadrunner 1984)

   Heavy Metal band of America hailing themselves as The Rods from Cortland, New York as the eighty-one era leaping years started the evolution over any kinds of extreme metallic music sounds with Carl Canedy, David Feinstein, Garry Bardonaro or Shmoulik Avigal as well as Craig Gruber and more ex-members of the band through the sixth recording album on Let Them Eat Metal available on their catalogs leading the surpassing of literary heavier Rock n’ Roll and Dio high-vocalization among the standard songs written and mid-tempo beats of terrible nuisance themes and titles with lyrics of seminal apocalyptic measurements via White Lightning, Nuclear Skies, Rock Warriors, Got The Fire Burnin’ onto She’s Such a Bitch and Bad Blood – reminding you about how the evolving of the rock riding revolutions changes quite rapid within decades as the more new stylish adding to the regular characteristic and various type of the stronger metallic sounds library like The Rods did here !

Let Them Eat Metal: