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Thunderclap The Wind (Geffen Records 2000)

   Semi autobiographic film about the adventure touring fictional story covers by a young Rolling Stone Magazine journalist William Miller about this rising local rock band Stillwater to be then published as his first assigning job to meet different characteristic people on the road, having the blast party and drug-using experience witnesses; fell in love, met his rock music heroes and lost the virginity during the bus tour travelling and shows across America.
Almost Famous not only offering great story behind the stardom tales but also the screenplay and the magnificent scenery as well as Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture.  Leaving his widowed but straight mother home in San Diego with Anita his older sister with Lester Bangs impressive interest to his previous works as he being sent to Black Sabbath concert but meeting Stillwater instead along with having good friendship with both lead guitarist of the band Russell Hammond and veteran groupie Penny Lane. 
Being convince as contacted to Ben Fong-Torres the Rolling Stone Magazine editor to hires William wrote down about Stillwater on the road with them and being under the warmth wings of miss Penny Lane. 
   Almost Famous introduced you to the supreme days where rockstars are kings and the stage arena is their kingdom with all thus sexy groupies may turning to princess or queens before being dumped and the classics tunes from the late 60’s to 70’s in V.A Music From The Motion Picture for the movie like The Seeds, Rod Stewart, The Who with many tracks of Simon & Garfunkel’s America, Todd Rundgren for It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference; Yes with I’ve Seen All Good People: Your Move – Single Version and more within Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd or David Bowie. 
Portraying the intrigue tension between vocalist Jeff Bebe and guitarist Russell while being sympathizing to William that considers as the enemy by the band; while girlfriends and ex-wives joining the tour as Penny being kicked by the new band manager along with her protégé groupies girls as Quaaludes overdosing hotel incident to the severe weather that almost crashing the plane before landed safe after everyone confesses. 
William saw everything and learn more about the fragile and the emotions from the band members as he finishing the journey and his writing works before the quarrel, the fact-checker by Russell to Rolling Stone Magazine to his visits to William’s house as well as meeting with his great mom and cute sister as they’re making peace to each other as soon the two realizing that Penny Lane giving them fake address. Penny Lane herself buying her ticket to morocco to chasing her dreaming fantasy on a exotic far land.