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Thunder Hear Opened (Inferno Records 2017)

   Speed Thrash Metal beasty and all-female troops – Jenner hailing from Belgrade, Serbia is your newer ultimate heroine powered themselves by using the force writing lyrics upon human suffering, fear, illness, judgement day, greed, inner demons and death eternal as you may listening and head-banging or worshiping the quartet of sensual metallic dangerous army of women of metal faith keepers known as Nevena Ilic (bass guitar), Andelina Mitic (vocals), Aleksandra Stamenkovic (guitars) and Marija Dragicevic (drums) finally, by their hardening works and plenty armored mental feeling in order to make Heavy Metal elite again; releasing the final results of their debut recording under the titled of To Live is To Suffer which sounded familiarly, wiser and as well – attractive on spreading threats over your stereo system over the national and worldwide media whom liking metallic music roaring in mayhem forever starting again now !

   Fast, devouring and excellently related closer to Metallica old sounds or Anthrax or even Sadus and Slayer influences within under the high-pitched toning vocals of goddess and fallen angel combinations on the same time. 

Demon’s Call, How Deep is Your Greed, Silent Killer, The Heath is Coming Again onto Factory of Death echoes the stunning beat-forces’ dealer cards for an ultimate Thrash Metal performance badly this year of tormented century by them. Hail the Balkan thrasher babes !

To Live is To Suffer: