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Three Killed Baby (Rumble Records 2014)

   Madrid, Spain Punk-Rock for motherfuckers musical choices that consisting of the quartet whom looking like Rancid being led by a woman now as the rest mid-tempo swashbuckling tuning isn’t a history anymore which brought back by the Pussycat Kill crew off Anne the bass guitar Mohawk-ing player, Gatsu the guy whom aggressively bashing the drum sets, Walter the purging director of six-strings shredding and middle finger onto the queen of tattooed Rock n’ Roll musica pleasure as well as the artistic sided of the band – Sophie saying that Punk-Rock do having future as the group releasing their materials sooner or later gaining more fan-based towards an excellent record of themselves – Faster Than Punk as making the blends of socio-politics these days, war conflicts, refugees onto the economy collapse and daily issues around as their themes and lyrics aspirations just like the twelve track-listing songs of Pussycat Kill roaring harder through Coming For You, Don’t Go Away, Intruder, All Night Long, Eat You, We Say No and Whiskey Love.

Problems never faded to be solve or erase just like tomorrow never comes late.

Faster Than Punk: