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Three Gates (20 Buck Spin 2016)

   It not just a regular of your majestic Speed Metal seasonal sounds tricky thus ears at first but progressively, as the time goes ticking – one shall found out the real inner Doomsday music blistering the outer limits off your stereo system into the dimension of mystical mysterious dark tales and brilliant clean vocals for starting the march on those deader horseman following the commands of a warlock wizard wicked and living-dead animals to slowly moving and consuming the souls of the living on a nearby settlement as the quest for infinity conquering the land continues virtually, ensuing fortified purposes over this second releasing new album called Hunted; approaching the sea of tears, pummeling opens lauded as ascendant new heights achieves for being reachable like the stoned Heavy Metal to traditional Doom with killer sounds arrangements – thankfully being produced, mixed and mastered by Dave Otero.

Go cranking your listening moments within Above The Water, Candlelight, Beyond The Door for either seven minutes, nine minutes or even thirteen minutes and thirty seconds; spotting this decibel magazine annual top 40 albums of the year accomplished their debut recording release climbing up the holy mountain top and taking the crown for themselves.