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They Got Hostage (Constatin Film International GmbH 2003)

   Two soundtracks containing the original film score and another with popular music taste around the horror movie directed by Rob Schmidt on Wrong Turn starring the brave brunette Elisha Dushku as Jessie Burlingame as well as the music choices over Eris’s Un Stancee, Jet Blackburner Ringtone Summer with Bloody Finger to Grandaddy’s Why Would I Want to Die ?, Deadman over Three Murder and Gruvis Malt on Even the Scars Forget The Wound possibly not denying the terror thrills provided by the main selective scoring soundtrack by Elia Cmiral on Scott Becomes Prey, Bear Trap, Grim Discoveries or Are We Safe? as firstly, showing two college couple hikers being murdered by something as barb-wired traps dragging the screaming girl into the woods.
Medical student Chris driving to West Virginia for a business meeting stopped by a chemical spill on the road for different route collides to another car halt in the middle of the road by barb-wired piece belongs to college group camping tripper: Jessie, Carly, Scott, Evan and Francine as some of them trying to find help ended up being murdered by unknown attackers as the other finds an isolated cabin only to see human body parts and the returning family of cannibal mountain-men and disfigured thre finger, saw tooth and one eye brought Francine body for being dismembered and eaten as the horrifying four waited for them to fell asleep. 
The escaping and the chased begins as the group finding themselves surrounded by abandoned cars belong to the victims and lost travelers becoming victims for the cannibals; Chris wounded after trying to distract them while Scott died by arrows and dragging back. Leaving Chris, Jessie and Carly to reach a forest watchtower and finding radio they can use for calling help but the cannibals as well tracking them with torches as Jessie and Chris trapping them but Carly being decapitated by three finger as the escaping continues. 
   Waterfall hiding cave the next morning, leads them to a road as Chris escaping the fall to meet the police while Jessie being taken back but the officer died by arrow as Chris going back under the truck to the cannibals cabin finding Jessie tied and gagged – unties her and drive out before blown up the cabin. 

The later investigation around the burning cabin showing one cannibal survivor attacking the sheriff deputy and laugh …