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The Time Of Your (Walt Disney Records 1998)

   Marauding grasshopper swarm led by Hopper located the colony of ant island led by the queen and daughter – Princess Atta as the invasion begins upon them with Hopper demands twice much food compensation from the ants but not for Flik an individualist and clever inventor knocks the stream to fight against the invader but needs more help from a stronger bugs around their area to build a resurgence for freeing the nest and island area. Misunderstanding for a troupe of circus bugs traveler group led by the greedy ring-master P.T Flea for having his warrior bugs armed and dangerous to solving Flik problems as mutual relationship and welcoming ceremony party hailing them as the bugs arrived back to ant island turning to disaster as the circus bugs attacking by bird. The so-called warriors reveals actually, nothing but a coward fleeing disasterous artists which already gaining some respects and hospitality enjoyment from the ants but with Flik’s smart ideas continues to stay there as they’re building some kind of fake giant bird to scare the grasshopper as well as the invaders feels the number of ants can causing rebellion to them begins alerting themselves.
   From the small walking stick Slim, german-accent caterpillar Heimlich, short-tempered ladybug Francis or gypsy moth and a black widow spider Rosie or rhinoceros beetle Dim getting ready to working together with Flik and Atta and the rest of the ants colony to facing the grasshopper but when the time comes; the fake bird unluckily being burnt as the exposing lie and mission noticing by the angry grasshopper clan now trying to surpressing more for the ants with highly impossible demands with few choices left. A Bug’s Life would become your children favorite animation movie that shares the equality of friendship, progress for hard efforts onto how to dealing hand in hand to drive bullies out of your precious lives by the good scenes and soundtrack themed songs composing by Randy Newman via beautiful tracks titles like Seed To Tree, Hopper and His Gang, Robin Hood, The City onto Loser or Don’t Come Back and Red Alert – continuing the assassinated plan to the queen or the forcing cannon or the rain which also ensuing chaos but the truth helps the righteous as Flik lures Hopper to a bird nest as the big grasshopper mistakenly thought the real one is another fake bird – got himself caught and being fed to the bird’s chick. Springtime pronouncing a better condition and relieving moment back to the ants colony as Filk profess his love to Atta as the respectively new king and queen as the colony grateful and congratulates this.