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The Ship Dear Eyes (Relativity Music Group 2011)

   Action thrill with much of your favorite fighting skills hand in hand close combat scenes on it for Haywire tells us about the mission for the former marine woman as a secret agent handling some kind of operation to rescue Jiang hired by the Kenneth’s firm after a meeting in Washington D.C arranged by government presented by agent Coblenz also mentioning his Spanish contact Rodrigo as the allegedly held hostage of the apartment in Barcelona despites difficult and dangerous successfully delivers agent Mallory Kane working with Aaron but later turning to a trap project blaming Mallory as the undercover next mission for her partnering with MI6 agent Paul went totally, a fiasco before to intercept some important informants from Iraq turning to a bedroom fight between Mallory and Paul whom eventually, just sense each other threats just went the mission about to start as a married couple to a party at Russborough house as Paul contacting his – Studer while Mallory watches from afar finding that Jiang’s already killed inside the barn with the initial contact signal recognition related to Paul as she feels that she’s being set-up. Brutal fight between them resulting Paul’s death as Mallory also bruises badly, trying to espacing her way with suspicious to all aspect in the States except her own father to trust.
   Haywire got not only recognition for its great martial art-suspense thrilling acts but also good soundtrack score which delivers by the composing music from David Holmes trying to attaches the reality of new espionage films in using old techniques musical background like 007 movie themes but also some other jazzy tracks instrumentally infamous like Upstate NYC, Barcelona, Delivering Jiang, Dublin onto Sniffing Around; within thus chase of Mallory by the killer squad SWAT team and special force, the building survivor fighting techniques as well as car driving like there’s no tomorrow with best performance form the female former UFC champion star – Gina Carano playing role as Mallory Kane. The New Mexico showdown which shortly postponed but continues on a beach duel as Mallory defeated Kenneth and leaving him to die suffering as mission to proving that she’s not a traitor but being betrayed since the last project as the girl did her street-law payback visiting Rodrigo on his vacation villa in Majorca and eliminate him along with the conspiracy link against her would be a great finish for the brave and sexy Ms. Kane.