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The Quest Sacrifice (Lakeshore 2006)

   Traveling from Cleveland to San Diego as their silver anniversary celebrates by the family trip of Bob and Ethel Carter and their small family of teenage children Bobby and Brenda; eldest daughter Lynn and husband Doug, their baby Katherine and two pet dogs Beauty and beast crossing New Mexico desert within stories of misfortunes and nothing but barren land emerges for centuries. Gas station attendant Jeb tells the family caravan a short-cut through the hills but unfortunately, leads them to a trap sets as hidden spikes strip punctured their tires and stranded in the middle of heat-killing dry land as far as you can see between empty rocks. As Doug and Bob decided to split and finding help they can get; the rest of the women stays with Bobby as the temporary leader ends up chasing his panic dog away only to find the mutilated canine body and knocking himself fell before being protecting by a teenage mutant girl Ruby from other cannibal mutants family the redneck hillbilly group whom attacking and eat travelers around their territory. 
Doug found near the interstate – a vast crater area fully loaded with abandon cars and items but no people around while Bob goes back the gas station only to find out the clipping information on old newspapers about the nuclear tests and the side-effects on the miners living next closer turning them into vicious cannibal mutants as Bob’ family fell into the trap sets by Jeb (who commits suicide later on) as Bob being attacks ferociously by Papa Jupiter (mutant leader) with Lizard and Pluto. This remake of Wes Craven’s classics movie The Hills Have Eyes directed by Alexandre Aja with Tomandandy or the various artists did the frightened thrilling soundtracks as the film provides hideous scenes or explicit violent and torturous killing acts with Forbidden Zone, Gas Haven, Ravens, Daddy Daddy or Ethel’s Death mixed with some lassics tracks off The Finalist’s Leave The Broken Hearts, The Go’s Blue Eyes Woman onto Webb Pierce’s More and More completing the horror views when the cannibal mutants attacking the caravan while burning the hanged Bob on a tree; Lizard beats up and raped Brenda in bed while Lynn being forced to breast-feeding Pluto with her baby held at gunpoint. As Ethel returns to be shot by Lizard, Lynn stabs Lizard but also got shot and the cannibals taken the baby and runaway leaving the caravan painted with blood and disgusted panorama as Doug came and finding his wife and Ethel already dead while Brenda left shocked crying. 
   Abandon Nuclear testing site discovered by Doug and Bobby on their way searching for baby Katherine; knocked out by Big Mama, awaken up in a iced-filling freezer and meet the Big Brain told him the story origins of the mutants before being attacked and fighting wounded to kill Pluto later with the axe while beast mauled Big Brain shortly as Doug following Katherine whose being taken by Lizard up the hill while the trailer sets to explodes by Brenda and Bobby kills Papa Jupiter. Fighting Lizard for saving his little baby; wrestled fisted and almost shot by Lizard but Ruby jumps on him to the ravine and both died from the fell. 
The reunite surviving family again being watched by something through binocular from afar ...