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The Preparation (Columbia 1990)

   Convincing Nelson Wright with Joe Hurley, David Labraccio, Randy Steckle and Rachel Manus as the medical school classmate discovering the reason on what lies after the death phase on humans; the experiments of making yourself flatlines one minute long seems to be an extreme game to play but the experiences sort in the afterlife can be seen to tell later on as you resurrect back by the fully injection boost as the other starts to accepting the challenge dare with Joe’s having the erotic sequence while David sees the bullied girl from the past Winnie Hicks as then hallucinating follows them onto the real lives activity.
Nelson being physically beat-up under fear of Billy Mahoney the bully; Joe whom will getting married being haunted by his own collection of sexual videos with many women with David being tortured by Winnie Hicks on a train badly. 
As last october approaching, the intense of the experiments finally gets chilling out extreme as the soundtrack provides by the Los Angeles born composer/conductor/arranger and music producer making his infamous works touching your inner deep fear like those medical-classmate did on psychological sci-fi horror Flatliners film. 
   Going To Sleep (Synth and Bass Drum), Brain Death, We Did It, The Dog or The Dream (Take 33) and Tunnel of Women not actually giving you pleasure anymore but horror as the movie touching to the objective scientific answers on playing with death but then wished to avoid doing it from the starts as Rachel begins to be haunted by her young memories about her grandfather’s suicide as the other three guys revealing their horrid experiences as well but David decided to visiting Winnie to apologize as expected and his weight lift-up but unfortunately, Nelson beating himself as Billy Mahoney did that on his mind before David stops him. 
Joe and fiancĂ©e Anne breaks up after she found out about the tapes; Rachel spent the night with David while Nelson admitted the old story on how Billy Mahoney fell off the tree because him and other kids throwing stones at him to Joe and Steckle as Rachel apologize to her father’s spirits while Nelson did craziest thing to experimenting himself to death for about nine minutes long feverishly tried to be helped by his friends and it’s almost failed until the last electro-shocks did resurrects him back as Mahoney forgives him too after stoning him. 

Lucky them - not their days to die …