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The New Alive (Artists’ Addiction 2007)

   The forth installment off the franchised series for Saw IV as directed by Darren Lynn Bousman as the continuous story of kiler obsessions for Jigsaw while teaching his appointed victims and others a valuable of life despite his death on the previous one; as a micro-cassette on an autopsy stomach of John Kramer reveals that the madness of the game by Jigsaw still continues and tested on Detective Hoffman and Lieutenant Rigg as the death of Allison Kerry leads them to suspecting a third accomplice involving onto this obsession murdering/torturing series gaming by a psychotic mind like Jigsaw shockingly, like finding a prostitute tied in a chair in his living room while manage to freeing her she attacks Rigg with knife as later finding himself abducting a motel owner Ivan whom blinding himself to escape the trap but died dismembered in bed or a married couple impaled by metal spikes at school with Rigg saving the wife Morgan to finding a key for the final test within the suspicious from the agents questioning Jill (John’s ex-wife) reveals the drug addict miscarriage past story and domestic violence happened before a rented lawyer named Art (surviving a mausoleum trap also being vanished.
   Jill is Art’s clinet once as a puppet and tape recorder found at the school as furious question being answered telling John’s game is a fallen depression ego-vengeance with a prior clue towards Rigg final test point at Gideon meatpacking plant. Blood-bathing acts of killing each-other as self-defense turning to responsibility or a wicked gaming ends with only one survival left as Jeff’s shot by Strahm while Art  shoot by Rigg as Eric getting crushed by overhead ice blocks as Hoffman leaves Rigg to die and sealing Strahm inside the sickroom. The morgue scene revealing John’s autopsy held after the film. The various of Extreme Metal artists filling out the music album for Saw IV (Music from and inspired by) such as Drowning Pool, Saosin, Solidium to Dope Star Inc. or Fueled By Fire with tracks harder loudest rocking via Trapped, Beatcrusher, Collapse to Misery Loves Its Company. 

Saw IV (Music From And Inspired By):