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The Great Napkin (Lakeshore Records 2007)

   Cell-phone calls from a mother – Julie (Carrie-Ann Moss) to Kale and Daniel Brecht went home after their enjoyment fishing trip led to a multi-car crash accident on the road resulting injure Kale and killing Daniel his father as the tragic desperation story continues to the present days where Kale attacking his Spanish teacher for insulting him as being traumatized for the accident led to the three months sanction of house arrest using ankle monitor and proximity sensor leaving Kale’s the end of his school year being boredom as situation leaves him to stay home eating snacks and doing boring activities such as playing games everyday but ended up having arguments with his mom whom forcing herself to cut the phone wire and taken the internet server for grounding Kale on his misbehavior lately.
Disturbia is the original horror thrill movie to watch begins with the silly interaction between Kale outside his own front house-garden with the next door new neighbor girl Ashley triggering the alarm for the mean officer (his Spanish teacher’s cousin) to checking on him harshly. 
The boredom at home with no quality activity leads him to spying the entire neighborhood around the house from cheating couple, the porn-watcher kids, grumpy old people, dull conversation or activities until he found out about the opposite next-door neighbor Robert Turner whom seemingly looking mysterious asking his best friend Ronnie witnessing Turner brought home a young woman late at night; escaping in panic. House party thrown by Ashley for teasing Kale returned back a favor for them to knowing each other better before seeing blood splattered from Turner’s window as he dragging out a heavy bag to the garage. 
Disturbia the movie also portraying how psychotic Robert Turner really is by confronting Ashely inside her car calmly in threatening manner while she’s following him around town while kale insisting Ronnie to help him examining their strange neighbor house as kale confirmed the bag’s contains only a roadkill deer but alerting the police as the two escaping the house leaving Ronnie’s camera there. Julie by hopes to have no press-charges from Turner went crossing to his house to talk while Kale then noticing the real reflective dead body inside the house using his binocular while Turner knocks out Julie. 
   The various modern popular Indie Rock and Alternative music blending compilation for the soundtrack of teenage summer thrill/suspense for teenager via names like Nada Surf, Guster, Buckcherry to the newer musicians such as This World Fair on Don’t Make Me Wait, Love Stinks’ Gangsta Boogie, Afroman with Because I Got High or Noiseshaper with We Love Reggae and Pricilla Ahn and Minnie Riperton following the mean planned Turner taking hostage Kale to making it looks like a suicidal terror killings of both Ronnie and Julie by Kale with the last note forced to be written by him before Ashley showing up to letting him go – sending Kale to crossing the street finding his mom on Turner’s house witnessing dead policeman, a hidden room where the credentials of victim evidence did by Turner and ice freezer with the surgical tools room led Kale to fell to the decaying bodies hidden on the swampy basement while his mom bound and gagged but then within his courage confronting and fatally stabs Turner with garden shears and kill him. No more killer neighbor near them.