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The Fifth Heaven (Pangea/Warner Bros. 2000)

   Crisis of ecology on earth as the consequence of over-population and pollution forcing mankind in 2056 to terra-forming the plan with algae producing for quantity of oxygen to be produced on our Mars colony complex plus observatory labsby the crew of investigating Mars-1 with geneticist Quinn Burchenal, philosopher Bud Chantillas, system engineer Robby Gallagher and commander Kate Bowman, pilot Ted Santen and terra-formist Chip Pettingill carrying most of the highly technologic equipments and preparations for this mission for Red Planet. Programmed military robot guide AMEE for evasion and exploration lost during the craft landing off-course while heading to touch-down on the located automatic habitat (HAB 1) as established earlier before to begin on manufacturing food and oxygen as gamma ray bursts damaged the communication between the mothership and the crew landing capsule while waiting to contact Houston or restoring engine function as the ground team found the HAB 1 already destroyed mysteriously without good explanation while Pettengill accidently kills Santen for arguing or within how Gallagher found out that atmosphere on mars is breathable as temperature of mars’ night drops and all left behind on HAB 1 is only liquid fuel but then the team realized that AMEE still functioned and observing them but the broken system turns it into military mode begin to attacks the astronauts as Burchenal ribs being broke as the others retreating under the guerilla tactics run down by AMEE to wounded and slowing down its enemy. Graeme Revell surfacing the talent scouts for composing the soundtrack score music for the story as well compiling thus brilliant musician with their visions to getting forward the future plan for at least, saving humanity by music for Emma Shapplin on The Inferno, A Thousand Years form Sting, Peter Gabriel’s The Tower That Ate People; Strange Cargo bring you Montokpoint, Melissa Kaplan and Graeme Revell providing Dante’s Eternal Flame  to Different Gears vs. The Police tracks available for this science fiction thrill film. As the infested martian insect-like living in their dormant dead world had a sudden massive food source as the algae successfully, spreading vast led to population explodes as the algae mysteriously disappear but the respiratory metabolism of thus insects can producing oxygen efficient rather than human technologies but still the alienated insects are ferocious to captured – in fact, they’re consuming Burchenal whole as blood wounds luring them to be aggressive but Gallagher got the sample vial before the explosion happens. Old Russian probe finally becomes the last option for Gallagher to go back to the mothership orbit with enough energy power replacement gets from AMEE by luring the robot into final confrontation; trapping the robot and taking the battery as then lauching himself within the capsule as reaches to be saved by Captain Bowman with a mystery of Red Planet reveals to analyzing further more.