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The Elector Sea (Self-Released 2013)

   Tuscon, Arizona members of the Progressive Speed Metal band with Jordan Elcess (drums), Michael Sanchez (lead guitars/bass), Tony Cordisco (rhythm guitars, lead guitars) and John Yelland (vocals) are the core of this US Power Metal – Judicator (as the mighty influences) and the likes for Ayreon, Running Wild, Agent Steel, Riot to Iron Maiden may dealing the audience to have connecting themselves onto this great sophomore recording for Sleepy Plessow as the high-pitched tuning vocals and intense techniques performance definitely comes in such of the most total measurements within the artistic old paintings like the story of Bach, Beethoven and most of the middle-ages composers but under the metallic speeding realm characters like the tunes telling you all for Thirty Years of Terror, Memory of Shame, Sapphire, The Philosopher King, Blut Vom Himmel, Sans Souci to Gedenkstatte shall replacing your old Helloween’s last average records by this one !!!

Sleepy Plessow: