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The Divide (Independent 2016)

   Natt Davis being the entirely one writer, producer and performer for the recording album on vocals, guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, harmonica and flute into the project of blended Progressive Analogue Bluesy Rock and Punk and fuzzy Deep Purple psychedelic influences under the naming self-title and the artist itself through Alf Red. Known slightly as the Bristol, UK performance acts writing some of the best self-making compositions of a true Prog-Rock selfishness which priceless even though they’re lesser known by now; Alf Red promising the performance of its Pomp-Rock progressions via the opener Mirrors onto Trees and Vagabond or Sweet Refrain as well as Wishing Well in variety tempos and more different length of duration which may leaving some of the audience – questioning how on earth this great muscular tunes didn’t get any proper attentions from the rock media lately.

The harmony vocals, imaginable realm or neat self-paintings or the continuity of the music followed by either Heavy Rock or Pop-tinged British version of sounds might forcing you to collecting this album sooner.

Alf Red: