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The Detour (Lovemonk 2017)

   Aliases as Kid Costa for some other reason of performances but when within his true identity on myspace sound-labs or being separated from Malena the group; Roger Wickham or further known as Chip Wickham resettling from his Manchester producing for recent Slow-Jazz tunes to be a Doha- Qatar citizen for a while with the softening slow-tempos and harmony balance relaxation music in the making by his own hands and talents receiving widespread acclaiming from the greater performance on being your favorable flautist and saxophonist for the more spiritual scene over thus vintage 70’s blending on Jazz, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop and Latin Electronic as the pay respect due to his favorite musicians like Roland Kirk or Harold McNair.
At this recording sessions with Gabriel Casanova on piano, David Salvador the double bass player or Antonio Pax behind the drum-sets and vibraphone; the smaller tension of grooves still floating sensible for you all the Jazz-Pop lovers via La Sombra or The Shade as his debut releasing showing us the excellent vibes within Sling Shot comes in six minutes and thirty-one seconds or Tokyo Slo-Mo as well as La Leyenda Del Tiempo that re-assembling the correctness of desert-based misplacing but in a romantic near the shore of the gulf sparkling beliefs on a greater heights of arrangements. 

La Sombra: