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The Crystalline Test (Lakeshore Records 2005)

   Graduated of secret paramilitary girls of D.E.B.S (as stands for Discipline, Energy, Beauty and Strength) which made a team of gun-drawer of slightest provocative Max Brewer; earning true stripes for the badge and the teaming-up wisher Janet, promiscuous chain-smoker Dominique and doubtful spy Amy Bradshaw whom broke up with boyfriend but taken new personal life to the figure of Lucy Diamond the mastermind criminal as being thesis subject for Amy. D.E.B.S send by their chiefs for monitoring Lucy and her criminal dealings witnessing ended up to a blind date between henchmen Scud meeting Russian assassin – Ninotchka Kaprova as a complete fiasco; with shoot-out as Lucy escaping but put her charms right on Amy whom learning about lesbianism provoked by Lucy – leaving Amy to be the only one agent whom ever met Lucy in the flesh closer and live to tell about. Later on Lucy’s coming back not just to talk to Amy but intimately, coerces with night club attractions where they kissing each-other hotter while Jane hooking with Scud but claiming soon that Amy violating protocol to going home with Lucy.
While the higher chiefs decided to promotes Amy a squad leader; Max was furious by effectively being replaced – as the bank heist revealing that Amy’s being kidnapped but only for Lucy committed crime to meet Amy again. 
   The girls come kissing as the nationwide manhunt searching now for finding Amy; the jealous Ninotchka tips the D.E.B.S a location where they surprisingly catch two women having sex but Amy did reassured and mortified herself to go back then. Various Artists compilation soundtrack for this action-comedy movie starring the all-stars line up babes like Meagan Good, Devon Aoki, Sara Foster, Jordana Brewster and Jill Ritchie having as well Timo Maas going in to the beats with To Get Down, The Cure’s The Love Cats, Cooler Kids with their track of Viva La Fever, New order, The Donnas as well as Death In Vegas or Garbage – all building the interests for the audience to enjoying the rest of mixture of great Alternative music and beautiful story around teenage girls and their secret intelligent world. Realizing that her best friend is in love now with Lucy – Max decided to have bigger heart to let them go disappearing into the night as the squad catches them inside a storage room as Amy can never forgetting about her best days spending with Lucy reconciles everything ended up with Janet owns her stripes awarded as the year end dance of D.E.B.S academy held.