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The Cellar Return (MCA Soundtracks 1991)

   The abduction of senator’s daughter Catherine Martin by a strange serial psycho killer named Buffalo Bill leads the trainee FBI/UVA graduate Clarice Sterling sent by Behavioral Science Unit specials’ Jack Crawford to Quantico on the mission assignment for interviewing the source on Hannibal Lecter (former psychiatrist and incarcerated cannibal, butcher and serial killer) on the pursuits to capture Buffalo Bill – the serial killer whom loved to peeling out his female victims corpses and make them kinds of fashionable clothes to wear or displays. 
In "a criminally insane" sector of Baltimore Hospital led by Dr. Fredrick Chilton assisting her presence there facing thus maximum security prison cell of Dr. Lecter as being complex to be pleasant, courteous and impatiently discontent to be pleased seeing visitor as clever and beautiful na├»ve like the fresh graduation like Clarice. Days by days to weeks of introductions, discussions and small-talks to the more private chat with each other soon dragging Clarice to be involving and attached to Hannibal as well as him too. 
The recorded session secretly did by Dr. Chilton reveals some kinds of progress towards the case as the deal from Dr. Lecter to go to Memphis opens up some misleading information about Buffalo Bill as well also verbally torment Senator Ruth Martin in her face.Clarice then noticed that the name of Louise Friend turns out to be an anagram of iron sulfide relates to her next moves on visiting back Dr. Lecter in his cage-like prison on Tennessee courthouse as the truth being told to her there in a contained case file. 
   The childhood memory about a clarice’s haunted dream incident as she kept awaken to the sound of spring lamb being slaughtered back in Montana can be motivated ends by saving Catherine by hope through their conversations. Later on, Hannibal manage to trick and slaying the guards before escaping and disappears may reconnecting all the way within the scoring of Classical Contemporary Ambient-Electronic instrumental compositions produced by Howard Shore for The Silence Of The Lambs (The Original Motion Picture Score) starting from The Asylum, Quid Pro Quo, Belvedere Ohio to The Moth and Finale tracks reaching the rest of the conclusion of the first trilogy in sequels over this American thrilling-horror as the patterns of dress made by tailor connected to the skin removes patches as annotations being analyzed; answers becomes clearer opening the profiling-serial killer cases within and finding a trans-sexual named Jame Gumb whom had unsuccessful sex-change operation and the package of sphinx moth from abroad addressing the real house where the psycho killer lives and held senator’s daughter. 
Clarice entering the right one while FBI HRT team went to the wrong place – leaving her alone to dealing with the serial killer and almost putting herself in danger but manage to shot Gumb dead. 

The call from Dr. Lecter congrats Clarice on her FBI Academy graduation party erupts another question mark as Lecter hangs up and following Dr. Chilton somewhere on a crowded street around a tropical island.