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The Case (Paramount Pictures 2011)

   Blaming the death of his beloved wife over a careless attitude of her co-worker at the steel mill accident when covering Louis Dainard shift makes Sheriff Deputy Jack and his son Joe losing Elizabeth that day … 
   Several months later, Charles the best friend of Joe having silly idea for creatively making a zombie movie within low-budget to enters an international film competition as enlisting their good friends Preston, Martin, Cary to Dainard’s daughter Alice as they’re begun to filming some shots in a funny, awkward moments and learning to improves how to act better which brought them to the train depot midnight filming rehearsal only for witnessing a pick-up truck goes faster and then ram the tracks and the train destroying the massive train derailments including the depot and surrounding areas in chaos. A loading door violently thrown out off the carriage by strange force and by the aftermath, they’re regrouping to investigates the wreckage and finding crates full of strange white cubes, the truck drive whom was their biology teacher Dr. Woodward whose warns them to forgetting about this accident or there’ll be danger to them and their family send the kids flee from the scene as soon as the US Air Force troops led by Col. Nelec arrives for checking discovers film box and assuming someone already having the event on camera. A science fiction movie directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg – Super 8 having the nostalgic elements of musical scoring, visual effects and performance of the casts which showing us how strangely all the dogs running away, several towners missing, the electrical power fluctuates and stolen electric items within stranger as the military sets a fake news flash tells everyone there’s a train accident derailed carrying toxic materials and will harming wider parts of the town area where martial law declares and evacuation begins. Learning about the escaping large creature from train with Alice being abducted by the alien monster at the base as the sheriff goes out driving with Louis trying to find their kids; Charles, Martin and Cary convincing Jen and Donny to drive them to town and finding Dr. Woodward storage filming the alien crash-landed on 1958 where air force capturing one alien for experiments the ability of the white cubes on making spaceship. 
   The adventure goes on for the kids finding the hideout cave under the cemetery garage to a massive underground caverns where Alice still alive captured but then the alien learns that these children to be kind and helping and letting them escape. Reuniting fathers and kids watching how numerous metal objects pulled on the top of water tower by force as white cubes assembles into alien spaceship as the thing blown out and fell the spacecraft zooming out to the sky. 
   Great instrumentals tracks like Family Matters, Acting Chops, We’ll Fix It in Post-Haste or The Siege of Lillian musical scores composed by Michael Giacchino no more than thirty songs available as the soundtrack for this children adventurous movie sounds suspense, thrilling but likely, good to catch.