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The Bravest Boy Met (Walt Disney Records 2016)

   Live-action animated musical children story about a kind dragon living inside the forest befriended later with a boy whom being left alone after his parents car accidentally, crashed – killing them. Pete the little boy surviving the road trip accident as a near-collision a deer after being chased by packs of wolves but saved by the gentle giant winged-dragon with fluffy green fur and yellow eyes; protecting him since then inside the woods as Pete naming the dragon Elliot from the favorite story book character until six years passes. Lumberjack crew chopping down trees as being spot by Pete as well as Natalie – the daughter of site foreman Jack and girlfriend park ranger Grace when they saw Pete and cornered him then being knocked out by  Gavin (Jack’s pragmatic brother) leaving Elliot the dragon searching the vanished Pete stumbles and knocking trees near the lumber camp leads Gavin to hunting down what he predicts to be a giant creature like dragon wandering around the forest. Pete trying to escape the local hospital but being caught back by the police while Grace promising him to come with her to rest first and visiting the forest later on next day. Pete’s Dragon is a very educative children movie with magical imagination but also lesson to learn daily as suspicious needs an answer and fool’s gold can be someone else happiness if you not being selfish might be suited for the escaping Pete as well as the captured Elliot by Gavin and his crew as being kept inside the barnyard waiting for the authority to inspects but Grace, Mr. Meacham (Grace’s father), Pete, Natalie and Elliot on the trailer truck flees out and driven fast to saving them from being captured again as Gavin whom shooting the dragon the day before with tranquilizer darts chasing behind and blockade the bridge  as Elliot trying to fly but damaging the truck as the creature then nervously, breathing fire towards the threats coming from Gavin and the police but saving the nearly-death fell of Jack and Grace through the deep ravine. Various Artists collecting their musical songs onto the film soundtrack such as St. Vincent’s Something on Your mind, The Lumineers on Nobody Knows, Something Wild (Lindsey Stirling and Andrew McMahon in The Wildreness) and many more soft Pop tracks reflective and romantic to describing the entire forestry area and the small rural town on the tales as well as Daniel hart’s instrumental songs composition like Tree Fort, Reverie or Brown Bunny. Pete calming down his dragon as firefighter helicopter closing; he and Elliot flown away but the ultimate trust and judgment points the goodbye as tearful hug separates Pete and his dragon cause now the new family of Jack, Grace and Natalie embracing him but every time they need to see Elliot again Pete knows where to look for him and his family up northern forest and mountain territory.