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The Big Boss (Columbia Pictures Industries Inc. 2000)


   Once again while mankind playing experiments as god himself trying to create a serum to make living things gone invisible type of project led by egomaniac scientist Dr. Sebastian Caine developing it with his team of brilliant scientists which includes Dr. Linda McKay, Dr. Matt Kensington, veterinarian Sarah Kennedy and Carter the E.M.T for this thrilling sci-fi horror movie in Hollow Man; where after the successful test on female gorilla after several months of failure attempts to reaching the final steps on providing the right serum and computer measurements on the project – the megalomaniac Dr. Sebastian make a new procedure to testing it on human being which is himself with the schedule went expired and the government/military funder organizations begun to get impatient and ready to close the entire lab-project.
Succeeded as being in painful rage and almost unthinkable courage to shown that his works really making great progress; Dr. Caine turns invisible and stable at the first stage phase with funny moments of prank-ing his team before everyone’s concerning about his inability to reverting back to normal or visible again as soon his behavior went to moody and easy to gets angry makes the team quarantined him inside the isolated room lab. Jerry Goldsmith as yet again creating more composition tracks of instrumentals for the original motion picture soundtrack terrifying your fear on suspense or non-making sense reality over The Hollow Man, Isabelle Comes Back, This is Science, What Went Wrong ?, False Image, Bloody Floor to Find Him must be reacted to the latter horrible events since Dr. Caine accessible for using the latex leather mask and clothes to the time he decided to go angry over the depression for no curing ways for him yet available as he seeing Linda and Matt making love together behind him, the raping scene by Dr. Caine to his apartment’s neighbor girl; the tricky wicked invisible doctor decided to killing his team-mates one by one including the mentor Dr. Kramer in his own pool, the lab animals then – after changes the entrance codes and losing his mask and clothes to be invisible; begin to strangled Janice as the others getting aware and ready to use their tranquilizer guns for capturing Dr. Caine. 
   Sarah goes next to the victim’s lists after Carter dies and Sebastian left Matt and Linda for the last as he locked them up and injuring Matt inside the freezer tobe frozen to death. As Dr. Caine goes insanely super-maniac on destroying the rest of the labs by mixing some flammable and explosive materials within the chemicals there to the centrifuge but being stopped by Linda whose smartly and brave gets out and hunting the invisible Sebastian and burnt him with flamethrower. 
The last attempts for the injured Matt and Linda using the broken elevator is to climbing up before being ambushed by Sebastian whose also come out climbing. Linda give Dr. Caine a last kiss and unhook the elevator cable’s tether and kick Sebastian down to the hell-firing flames explodes below.