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The AM Plague (Season Of Mist 2014)

   Technical Death Metal(lers) group off Vancouver – Canada consisting of Dean Lamb, Oliver Rae Aleron, Spencer Prewett to Tobi Morelli and Vultyrous calling themselves as Archspire is again releasing their massive attacks music sounds to kill your stereo system with or without apps as the second recording release entitled The Lucid Collective can be describing as the fastest album ever exist or thus grinding collection of potent display on extremity might supremely mastering the dynamic of hand in hand aggression as the most exciting Death Metal band display for the new millennium for the fans of destructive showcase for Gorguts, Necrophagist to Beyond Creation. Eight songs like Spontaneous Generation, Kairos Chamber, Seven Crowns and The oblivion Chain onto Fathom Infinite Depth really gone crushing the road where things that blocking their sounds shall be devoured by the supernatural alienating force !

The Lucid Collective: