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That Was Not A Landing (La-La Land Records 2009)

   Crashed spacecraft on a Vendel-Scandinavia lake with survivors a human with retrieves distress beacon and computer explaining him about the planet Earth as a seed of colony people abandoned here downloading Norse local language cultures to the spaceman brain whom soon being captured by Wulfric the village warrior. Took the strange looking prisoner to King Rothgar father of Freya; trying not to make the destroyed village chieftain Gunnar assuming Wulfric behind the destruction as the Outlander being interrogates and identifies as Kainan claiming he’s from the North and hunting for dragon while on the similar closer moment a village being attacked by the unseen night creature kills several men which Kainan knows as Moorwen – a predator causing his ship crashed and like to hunts men and animals as Kainan taken together with a hunting party to find Moorwen with Kainan kills a giant bear to proof that he’s part of the tribe now.
Gunnar’s army attacking the settlement but retreating with the downfall of many casualties soon to be returned but pursued by Moorwen before enters the safety village with Kainan’s idea on building a huge pit trap on the entrance fill in whale oil and leave wooden shields floating the surface as Freya increasingly attracted to him while Kainan told the history of Moorwen origin related to his people hunting down billions of it on a planet but one left and having its revenge destroying the colony including kills Kainan’s family and Freya moved by the story give him the sacred family sword. Lurking Moorwen into the pit sets to fire after Kainan and Wulfric run on the shields to trapping it but the creature bursts out and kills several more people as Rothgar being killed by the offspring of Moorwen inside the hall full of women and children as new weapon needed to kill Moorwen and a new king being crowned. 
   The soundtrack for the independent sci-fi action Outlander composed by Geoff Zanelli dealing with history and science over fiction parts doing for Gunnar’s Raid, Setting The Trap, Gods Be With You, Herot Town – 709 A.D, Killing The Beast onto Into The Moorwen Lair catches the genuine pleasure of the entire Scandinavian cultures and panorama views scenery as saving Freya within the fragments of metal forged into weapons and infiltrates Moorwen’s cave underground filling up with pile of bodies and more killed hunters battling against Moorwen and its young offspring but Boromir blinded it and then Freya kills it while Kainan finally, able to knock Moorwen over the cliff edge to death but seriously wounded Wulfric whom later on passes the kingship to Kainan before he dies. 

A rescue spaceship comes and gone without Kainan who decided to married Freya and becoming a king.