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Temptation Bliss (Caroline Records 2017)

   Picking a strange correctly interesting name for the making of his best soft sound-steps in musical production as Kamtin Mohager turning himself onto The Chain Gang of 1974 and releasing begun his several good albums performing nice modern tunes on Electronic-Rock and Synth-Pop like a guy reflecting his own career within the ups and down for couple years as the new millennium struck the community with more simple touches on blended and easy listening amounts of what Pop deserved to be classified within as Felt the latest album from The Chain Gang of 1974 brought to us the melodious androgynous realm sound-effects for Wallflowers, I Still Wonder, Looking For Love and Slow among others off his powerful works of magic as stunning eyes would be so amazed on how the ears reacting to the great harmonies on this. 

Mastered by Joe LaPorta and featuring Alisa Xayalith on Forget. Sweeter Electro sounds for us …