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Tango Urilla (TriStar Pictures Inc.1997)


   Paul Verhoeven directing the American Sci-Fi/military/action movie licensed by the name of Starship Troopers from a novel which telling a young soldier – Johnny Rico exploits his mobile infantry team suits for the futuristic unit career progression from being new recruits to the non-commission officer on the backdrop over their interstellar galactic war between humans and insectoid planet creatures called Arachnids – ferocious in appetite and ready to slay living forms besides them to conquering the planet as the colony feeds until there’s nothing nutritious left as they’re moving to another one. 23th century colonizing planets encounters mankind to a hostile, giant and smart insect creature-like starring the federation citizenship privilege active military service individuals opportunists John Rico, girlfriend Carmen Ibanez, Carl Jenkins from Buenos Aires; Isabelle “Dizzy” Flores who fell in love to Rico completed the crew as Rico and Isabelle enlist the federal service graduates as mobile infantry squad, Carmen became spaceship pilot as Carl with his physical gifts joining military intelligence. Rico promoted to a squad leader under basic training from Sgt. Zim as befriending Ace Levy before Carmen finally sending him a goodbye letter as she desires her career on the fleet served under Rico’s school rival Zander Barcalow with one of his troop-member died accidently making him quit by guilt but soon comes back resigning to the military after an asteroid hits their hometown and devastating it by killing millions including Rico’s parents. Invasion force deploying to Klendathu – arachnid home planet seems to be a suicide mission leads to a total disaster as Rico severly wounded or reported K.I.A but recovers and reassigned roughneck as the elite unit commanded by Jean Rasczak as Rico quickly gain respects for his bravery and having a intimate relationship with Dizzy. Starship Troopers movie soundtrack also serving great momentum tracks as the following up to the scenery actions there as Basil Paledouris arranging the compositions of classic scoring instrumentals for suspense and thrilling excitement towards the battles via Destruction Of Roger Young, Bugs!!, Hopper Canyon, Punishment/Asteroid onto Fed Net March anthem on television advertisement as the responding for distress call from Planet P outpost only turns out to be a clever trap as the arachnids swarm attacking the troopers inside the outpost and kills Dizzy but rescued by Carmen’s fleet as then, on Dizzy’s Funeral – Rico met Carl whom ordering mobile infantry unit helping him to catch a smarter brain bug. With unexpected heavy firing fights from the bugs as Carmen ship destroyed and crashed into the tunnel inside the planet – the battles continues outside with thousands casualties while Zander’s brain eaten by the brain bug-like giant worm; Carmen manage to fight with Rico’s arrived to safe her as the bomb detonates to kill most of the arachnids that chasing them out. Surprisingly, Sgt. Zim luckily, captured the brain bug as Carl told the troops about the victorious humanity as they would studying the brain bug reveals that the bugs are afraid cheering the troops … Days later, the propaganda advertisement showing Carmen, Rico and Carl as their heroes models encouraging more citizen to enlisting the military force !