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Take Me Away Brand (Hollywood Records 2003)

   Disney’s fantasy comedy and family drama viewing how your daughter and yourself as a mom had a good relationships or not as being portrayed here on Freaky Friday film starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis being Anna Coleman (average teenager) and widower mother Tess; getting through their stress-out living with one more sweet/annoying little brother Harry as emotionally, almost every day there’s always a small fights between Tess and Anna by the conflicts on stodgy behavior or interests as the upcoming plan for second marriage for Tess to Ryan revolving within the daily band practice in such a noisy for adults but pleasing as hell to the teenagers with Anna plus three of her girlfriends forming their Pop-punk group – Pink Slip.
Bad marks and low grades to the arch-rival at school Stacey or sadistic Mr. Elton the engilish teacher completed for the disapproval from her mom towards her relationship with older boyfriend Jake multiplies hateful things in Anna’s life to forcing her making a wish one at another small arguments with her mother while they’re going out to eat at Pei-Pei restaurant – after soon war of the words between Anna and her mom about band’s audition attracts Pei-Pei mother to interrupted and giving them fortune cookies then several minutes later – a strange earthquake occurs as the Chinese curse replacing them in exchanges of their souls – mother becoming daughter and the young girl turning to her mom. 
As the next morning they’re both realizing the happening – screaming out loud, almost passed out and when the shocking level turns down; both of them start to blaming each other leaving Harry and Grandpa confusing about what’s really struck the family – funny attitudes; awkward meetings, Jake being confusing as well as attracted more to the figure of Anna’s mom rather than the boring version of Anna – while Ryan the good guy also catching plenty strangeness among how Tess behaving to him. 
   The test sabotage or the very silly and awkward television interviews for Tess new book; Anna attending the parents-teacher’s conference onto the bike riding with Jake and the date lunchtime at the mall – really will make you and family laughs a lot as the characters showing their strong credibility due to the switching splits of soul on a different body as someone else can noticing there’s something went wrong those days. Various Artists filling in the original soundtrack by the teenager’s favorite names like Simple Plan, American Hi-Fi to Lillix and Halo Friendlies; as well the power-pop tunes with most energizing themes or critics about the boring lives via The Art of Losing, …Baby One More Time as being covers rocking by Bowling For Soup, Andrew W.K’s She is beautiful, The Donnas with Backstage or Lindsay Lohan herself and Chad Michael Murray singing their heart out pretty well did seeing the band performance went from foolish nearly-failure back to the bashing glory with Tess doing the solo melodies and the crowds liking it; rehearsal dinner went out well with the curse finally broke after the mom and daughter forgiving each other and confessing honestly meaningful from the deepest heart and Tess wedding rocks by the Pink Slip as the curse accident almost happening to both Harry and grandpa stopped by Pei-Pei herself !

V.A Freaky Friday Original Soundtrack: