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Synaxis Pariah (Self-Released 2014)

   Blackened Grind/Hardcore/Death Metal and Sludge-Punk attributes been releasing like eruptions exploding volcano mountain-peak from its long term of sleep-mode via the aggressive tuning on those brutality tempos or disturbing distorts feeling anti-comfortable to extreme metallic heavier music like this one being made by Auckland, New Zealand’s unti Slaverider through the independent album called Marauders of The Wasteland; with additional vocals by Ben Read as recorede by Jag Singh as well mastered and mix.

Filthy metal extreme like Napalm Death consuming to much Viagra and flakka in short terms of re-animated living creatures from the eternal hell spawning back spiritually dangerous like Iron Jackals, Drone of Cogs and Locust, Of Marrow and Hate or Gnashing Teeth may giving the audience a really bad cursing Omens related to triple sixes.

Marauders of The Wasteland: