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Sweet Dreams Made This (WaterTower Music 2011)

   Zack Snyder directing this thriller action story about young girl committed in mental institution but envisioning the brothel as she teaming up within other four prisoners/dancers trying to fight and escaping the undergoes lobotomy as every attempts needed there as her finishing one level to move another higher and dangerous (almost impossible) stages giving her more and more experiences on being a fighter warrior woman as the parallel events happened to the bloody war fields turns out to be infamous performance of kinds dancing nobody ever witnessing before as applause and respects earned by attractive babes - Babydoll, Blondie, Amber and Rocket before their virginity being sold to the highest clients like high Roller under the pressures inspections and evaluations from the corrupt owner loved bribes Blue Jones and Dr. Vera Gorski inside thus mentally insane of Lennox House in Vermont. Sucker Punch that means like a non-warning distraction over defense to strikes may concerned and relates to the beginning and the end story for Babydoll journey of battle adventure in a feudal japan fighting three giant samurai monstersafter meeting a wise man telling her to collecting five sacred items for managing their escapes: a map, a fire, a knife, a key and the unrevealed fifth element as the erotic dancing sessions on the brothel turns out to be an infiltrating on a steam-punk bunker shot-down through the German’s soldiers trench territory over the WWI or a copying map by sweet pea on the institution; the orc-infested castle with the retrieving two fire-crystal from a baby dragon via the soundtrack compilation songs featured artists such as Skunk Anansie, Emiliana Torrini, Queen and Bjork as tracks like White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane covered well or even I Want It All/We Will Rock You Mash-Up as Queen cover for new names like Alison Mosshart, Yoav and even Emily Browning herself in heroic but the fantasy ends with a cook stabbing Rocket on saving her Sweet Pea as the fifth element reveals as deep sacrifice like a bomb detonates her. Blue overhears the girls plan suspiciously as but with Babydoll deduces to revealing herself to the visitors for distraction for some of the girls to slipped out the place. Asylum surgeon of lobotomy and baffles expression noted Gorski about this girl did stabbing someone, started fire, helping others escaping as well as unauthorized apprehend on sexual assaults did by Blue incriminating the stepfather role as lobotomized procedures but Babydoll smiling for having her final freedom fantasy. Sweet Pea stopped by police but rescued by the old truck-driver for a mislead cops and a very long way to go.

Love is a Drug glitz a sequence story end.