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Surf 02:45 (Bandcamp 2016)

   Pro-wrestling Jangle-Pop Indie within the likes over WCW or WWF probably, didn’t quite annoying the rest of how Million $$$ Dream considered that Twiga is an ultimate lesser-known Psychedelic Rock band performance by the quartet: Nick Spizzirri (drums), Jackie Perrone (bass), Justin Krim (guitars) and Dave Lucas (guitar, vocals, songs) recording this mini album temporary sounding punkish fast and interesting as the half-made solo or the tunes of simplicity like Ballad of Rainy Dave which improving the balance of sisties to the nineties Pop art-sounds that can makes you dancing silly or Phi within its 03:21 duration catching up the slowest car riding in town for thus re-telling tales about how the suburban bordering rural area claiming over the portrays insignificant about their own harmonic/melodies of musical today !

Million $$$ Dream: