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Suburbia No End (MGM Records 1982)

   As a German-based word meaning taken from folklore and parapsychology meaning as noisy ghost/spirits as a type of ghost responsible on creating disturbance, loud noises and moving the objects to be destroyed as well as hurting people and Poltergeist turns to be world-wide produced within the supernatural horror movie written by Steven Spielberg as well producing the beginning of a turning point for a quiet planned community complex living family of Cuesta Verde - Orange County, California as Steven and Dianne enjoying their daily works as a real estate developer and housewife and taking a good care over their children Robbie, Dana and the little one Carol Ann until the night disturbance woke up the little girl to conversing towards the displayed static sign-off family television for quite sometimes when as a white ghostly hand emerging from the tube – violent earthquake erupts to shake them all followed by later bizarre occurring events such as moving furnitures, silverware bending, drinking glass breaks spontaneously as the other phenomena continues to benign quickly and intensify. Gnarled tree coming to live trying to dragging Robbie out the bedroom window or Carol Ann whom then being sucked inside the mysterious portal off her closet making the Freelings family panic and almost losing their mind while hearing the whisper of their little one emanating through the TV sets empty channel tuned. 
   Electronic modern classical score music background composed by Jerry Goldsmith expressing the eerie meaning across the moments and horrible events during the movie sets scenery as Poltergeist (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) conducting his imaginable concept over the most intense or massive meaningful around the supernatural causes and family safety due the film story that shall always be remembered by you through The Calling; The Clown/They’re Here/Broken Glass went to Night of The Beast or Twisted Abduction as being nominated to Academy Award – Best Original Score and Saturn Award as the group of assembled parapsychologist from UC Irvine like Dr. Lesh, Ryan, Marty with the help of a spiritual medium Tangina Barrons investigating and determines the experiences intrusion of Poltergeist attracted to Carol Ann’s life-force as those spirits lingering the sphere of conscious distracting to real light as they’re not at rest and trying to get out to the world of the living also results a fact that Cuesta Verde boss actually built the exchange housing area above the old cemetery and burial place. 
As the team beginning to find a way to bring back Carol Ann; the discovering of an entrance through the other dimension located on the children’s bedroom closet while the exit might be pointed at the living room ceiling downstairs requires a brave solution plan over the difficult situation as they’re using tied out rope for Diane to access through the passing scary journey of her inside for saving her little daughter’s life. A clown doll attack against Robbie or the ambush for kidnapping by the demon beast finally manages to save Carol Ann even though at first she went unconscious covered with ectoplasmic residue. 
   The last night of the Freelings might be the scariest one for them as unseen terror force attacking back the entire family with the transforming swimming pool to the burial ground with rotten skeletons and disgusting thigns bursts out around Diane before she climbing out the pond to rescuing her family before escaping outside for good – away from the erupting coffins through-out the neighborhood. Their house implodes into a portal as a shocking moment for those whom witnessing that scary event ending this disturbing story for good ?