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Submit Publish Judge (Lakeshore 2013)

   Thrilling movie about dramatic biography around the infamous and fierce exposing on deceptions and corrupted powers as the internet upstart over this never ending debated organization formed by one brilliant closed-soul with highly advance and eager to reveals what’s right for the people’s rights Julian Assange, Daniel Domscheit-Berg and their WikiLeaks – the cyber wars on secrecy. From the Afghan logs of war flashes release when journalist Daniel first meeting with Aussie’s hacker Julian “the bleach-haired man”  at Chaos Community congress Berlin flicks the interests and online activism on both sides to starts correspondent by emails, begin to work together and devoting a website with retaining anonymity on the sources as well as releasing many classified information which used to be withheld from public transparency like the Julius Baer bank with its cayman island branch did illegal activities or Scientology truth, Sarah Palin’s e-accounts or the lists on British National Party membership with lawsuits or injunction obtaining cannot seems to stop the pushing forward publishing of any kinds of secret information domestic and international crossing worldwide to be shared and allowing WikiLeaks to cracking almost everything which kept deeper or hidden out from the world to be encrypted, depicted and collectively, changes the super-power among most of the strong regime leaders and governments to the exclusive organizations and companies to fear them. Viewing Assange as the a mentor and the lonely hero brave enough to spoke-out on some public exhibition or activism gathering but losing his job shortly – Daniel whom used to be comfortable with Assange’s mysterious and egoist attitudes later finding himself cannot tolerates them anymore as Daniel (before) enjoying to change the world as a noble enterprise straining over time as Julian mocks him openly about his concerning towards the family members of those whom being unmasked and exposes also got struck by the entire threats to media coverage but Assange didn’t really care on the cause as the flashback on Assange childhood origins within the troubled stories to suspicious cult involves revealing how Daniel seeing him just wanted to claims the protecting sources and there’s no workers but himself doing things with servers and fake accounts; outweighed the harm of the website and people whose getting hurts as the US government saw thousand documents of WikiLeaks like Baghdad airstrikes, Iraqi war logs to 250.000 US diplomatic cables being exposed to the internet as the secrets of Pandora box opens wider. The Fifth Estate movie with Carter Burwell’s composition works on scoring soundtrack also bring you to the middle of the intrigue conspiracy facts showing the power of man’s mind and the internet connections to cracking open secrets no matter how smart they’re being hidden as The Family, A History of Media, The Informer, Face To Face, The Informer or The Submission Platform instrumental tracks shall thrilling our imagination and views seeing how far the truth can be revealed by Julian Assange even when he had a large platform for mistakes, called as untrustworthy, dealing too deep on uncovering secrets from the government and companies within the reporter from The Guardian. 
   Even though being shut down for some times not permanently but temporary shown that didn’t stop WikiLeaks from keeping its information leaks as retaliations and sues for Mr. Assange comes to surface – he still think that hiring Daniel was a mistake while he’s living quietly at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.