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Stride Melaina (It Takes Time 2012)

   Being blessed for an opportunity to make this compilation on behalf of the helping hands from these such talented and wonderful musicians on the celebration as proceeds shall be given towards the raising of Legal Fund St. Louis filling out the gap of acts in kindness over the Various Artists No Such Thing As Too Old! A Cute Compilation! album to stream to your lives as a reminder that some people didn’t really have a quality lucky times in life like we do – perhaps but within listening to these modern independent Folkish but wiser lyrics; you would understanding at least, several parts of special thoughts and sadder story behind the bars of convicted person in their waiting for justice – if it’s might exist. 
   Boosegumps having their Heart Shaped, Camp Conselor within Polar Pop, Father Truck on Recycle Me onto American Poetry Club or Squirrel Flower or Generifus or some group telling you about The Smiths via a song may causing the innerself consciousness grows as the outside atmosphere turning cuter with the fun times listening on strings and acoustic-tinged lively available in good shapes dealing with much thank you to meaningful family and friends in this realm …