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Strawberry Vanilla (Atlantic 2015)

Those tasty sweet Rn’B Swing onto Euro-Dance Pop and Down-tempo mixing via this beauty female of the British Nu-Pop sensation starting her debut from a corn with bigger heart and more talents to spread and more dream to climbing higher including her five charts hit single to number one on UK demanding track-lists in history – you might not knowing her name but some might already shines by the light coming out of herself goodies spirits and catchy musical performance and songs for the album title on I Cry When I Laugh – wisely through her influenced Electronic-Pop here’s Jess Glynne.

Let yourself drowning into the shore of favorable track hits available there on the first recording release like Hold My Hand, Real Love, Ain’t Got Far To Go, Take Me Home the melodramatic ballad; Don’t Be So hard On Yourself, No Rights No Wrongs, Why Me onto Gave Me Something – among others more further knowing her rootsy charming and danceable blending music to enjoy by the most audience not allergic to Pop Culture sparks. 

You will loving this girl …

I Cry When I Laugh: