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Strangehold Lick (Priority Records 2001)

   Mark Wahlberg try to reaching to his highest dream as Rock Star over this comedy-drama movie with Jennifer Aniston as Chris “Izzy” Cole and supportive girlfriend Emily Poule – telling the daily story about the struggles of a fanatic fans of Pittsburgh Heavy Metal band – Steel Dragon singing on his local tribute band named Blood Pollution when one day show for them revealing the clash between Chris and guitarist Rob before he sabotage the amplifier and breaks the stage over a fight – resulting Chris to be fired the next day.
Lucky for him, the phone call from Kirk Cuddy the Steel Dragon founder and guitarist offering Chris the band’s empty vocalist slot since the real frontman Bobby Beers hides his homosexuality and get fired gives Chris “Izzy” Cole dream comes true as the new vocalist of Steel Dragon followed by debut concerts finding fame and success as pressure grips Izzy lifestyle and relationship with his girlfriend but gets a sympathy from the band’s manager Mats. Bad behaviors, intoxication backstage, wilder groupies sexual activities makes Emily lose her understanding as she left Izzy also found out the truth that he’s just a rookie rocker under the command of the band’s founders only for can give best contributions over the singing not the written materials. 
   Plan changed and Izzy finding himself sickening to continue then offering the slot to another high-pitched tone singing fan in the front row of their concert and leaving for good to the back stage. Various Artists songs of Heavy Metal and Rock soundtrack for the movie Rock Star contributes by many legendary rock-heads like Bon Jovi, KISS, Ted Nugent to INXS in Devil Inside, The Verve Pipe great alternative influenced on Colorful – Rock Star version; to Motley Crue or the Blackhawk blasting your ears through No Blood Pollution, So We All Die Young or Stand Up by Steel Dragon with an actual best vocals from Mike Matijevic of Steelheart soon ends the Heavy Metal furor forever to Izzy as he then resurfacing as a good bar-entertainer with down-to-earth attitude singing calm songs and reuniting with his old guitarist Rob and everlasting sweet babe of his life – Emily. 

Just like the real thing about how Seattle Sounds rising and Rob Halford quits Judas Priest background story.