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Strade Perdute (Ethnoworld 2002)

   First line-up consisting of Gianni Donvito (vocals/bass), Marco Ambrosi (guitars), Daniela Rossi (drums) as well as Graziella Ferrise joining in while Manuel Franco (percussion) as well as Pasquale Nigro (accordion) completed the line-up as it will changes yearly later for the Italian band Rosaluna taken for a tribute from Pink Moon album; rocking their unique measurement story-telling via local lyrics and Pop-Rock distinctive methods of themselves creating Psychedelic and Folk-Rock psychotic thirteen tracks for this debut album of average business entry for national media to listen through Incrocio with Fimmina, Mata E Grifone, Noto (Vuoi Ritornare?), La Mia Notte and Vecchio Frack listing the painted artistic motionless live instruments appointment over their good continues apprehending cycle in music making off the Italian moderate modern melodies scene soil.