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Sticking Hugger Tree (Rhino Records 2007)

   Confronting unplanned pregnancy and subsequent events of her teenage-minded of independent character on pressures on reaching adult life for this drama-comedy as coming of age Juno receiving acclaiming for its movie soundtrack for chart-topping number one by limited release as being criticized over the praising and threatening treatment over its pro-life and pro-choice as your perhaps, favorite various artists compilation musical being there on the soundtrack lists like Belle & Sebastian, Buddy Holly, Barry Louis Polisar onto Cat Power as well as Mott The Hopple singing their classic and newer songs for reflecting Juno MacGuff Minnesota’s high-school story over her longtime admirer Paulie Bleeker discovering their sex-attempting activities resulting her early-pregnancy meeting some agreements or protests from people around her towards the local clinic, women’s group, pro-life vigil, within variety factors to lead her leaving or decide against abortion, give-up the baby for adoption or providing a suitable home and established life – all giving confusion and headache to the young mind of Juno to thinking them over daily. Tracks like A Well Respected Man, Dearest, Tire Swing or Loose Lips (Kimya Dawson), Superstar, All The Young Dudes onto Sea of Love within thus Indie-Folk, Country, Alternative Rock and acoustic Pop sounds given such an impression on the process of knitting relationship within Juno and Paulie day by day – from just a kids flirting and crossing borders to face pregnancy at earlier ages; upcoming prom and the loves forPunk Rok and Horror films onto the helpful couple Mark and Vanessa Loring until Juno finally, giving birth to a baby boy in a hospital comforting him and cries on happiness and other mixture feelings due to that precious moment. Vanessa becomes the baby single adoptive mother later on as promised while the summertime ends with Paulie and Juno playing guitar, sing and kissing.

“If you’re still in, I’m still in framed noted by Juno for her beloved baby boy.