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Stealth Pretend Will (Third-I-Rex 2017)

   Drone/Doom unit with Scandinavian-tinged pagan beliefs erupted within the presence of these Smaland crew Pissboiler which consisting of LG on vocals/bass, Pontus Ottosson on guitars and Karl Jonas Wijk on drums/guitars as the recording vocals felt slower than death itself crawling … as it reaching the enriched complete different level of funeral pyre ritual as the blistering melodic smells thicker as the rotten corpse or bass-line must be a murderous serial killer to your filthy ears to live when the most binge sounds replied no resonance but the dealt between devastating corrosive Sludge mix and darkness hymn for pain.
   In The Lair Of Lucid Nightmares must be thus categorized album that you might not wanted to have playing onto your sober living or as insanity hypnotizing the audience and thus creature of ugly disgust creeping out and enters our dimension; just praying that you still can make yourself free from being possessed as Ruins of The Past droning the slowest as seventeen minutes and forty-five seconds or Cutters comes in haunting over fifteen minutes and twenty-one second or may your hands taking full responsibility on your mistakes deliberates the fools to their death by following your path between dare and afraid …

In The Lair Of Lucid Nightmares: