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State Of Watch (Bandcamp 2018)

   Newer-sides of Cavalier of New Orleans, Louisiana as being worked together within the helpful producers like Iman Omari, Mogillah, Qielle Chris and Malik Abdul-Rahmaan or Jlbs as being recorded in Brooklyn to New Orleans area serving the alternative beats sound of Experimental Hip-Hop, Rap and underground Rn’B vibes within your average imagination starting for the Intro, Open Season to Doro Wat, My All feat. Billzegypt, El Sol, Holla Kid onto Renaissance feat. Iman Omari or Bar Therapy feat. Quelle Chris as well as Iman Omari on these thirteen songs available written lyrics and messenger services to flow the high and low rhythmic musical of the Black struggling study and effects towards the society via the cultural ideology in exchange.

If it’s not only for the figure leading voice over it then, you would go picking Private Stock because of the interesting parental advisory cover that gives a learning lesson that sometimes you need no further displaying of absurd but clever things to show to public.

Private Stock: