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Stalk Rape Mutilate (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions 2016)

   Chris Sabbath (bass), Eddie Pharaoh (guitars), Geoff Hodsman (vocals), Allen L (drums) and Andrew Power (guitars) leading their Toronto, Canadian’s Death Metal/Goregrind bashing blasts erupting loudest like the doomsday without preparation as the most intense themed lyrics and bounded destruction in musica fed on the ideas behind gore, death, necrophilia and torture from these Ontario sicker metallers calling themselves Human Compost.
   One will feel the wrath linked horrid via thus extremist tempos and high-tech hatred systematical sounds over the track-listed on From The Grave They Crawl releasing the open tomb’s creature of the dead realm to waking up again hunting the living like the sadist terror songs there slab your face through Urethral Maggot Infestation, The Horror is Legion, Towers of Silence, Post-Mortal Perversions, Seven Doors of Death (The Beyond) or Bound in Human Flesh – exactly, nightmarish like you ever wanted to dreaming of tonight !

From The Grave They Crawl: