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Spontaneous Transcendence (BridgeTone Records 2012)

For those whom didn’t saw her somewhere, sometime – performing until she reaches quarter finals or crossing her talented performance over the youtube-channel videos gained greater success for the attractive violinist girl from Arizona; loved to mixing her favorite and influencing Classical music and Contemporary styles to Dubstep, hip-Hop and Pop sounds really rocks America’s Got Talent season as likely, the proof on Lindsey Stirling on the first debut album recording here – which actually, a self-titled one.

Within Electro- Dubstep and Classical ruling the entire package without vocals but instrumentals scenery on harmony as well as melodies; some might really easy to fall in love to the closely perfect tunes and track-listing compositions of the self-written to collaboration that makes surfacing these sogns like Crystallize, Zi-Zi’s Journey, Electric Daisy Violin, Moon Trance, Elements and Anti Gravity – giving so much reasons to loe for having this recording as your own private collections as soon as you hearing half of it sounds. 

Don’t protesting how Lindsey Stirling looks a bit dorky on the front cover, okay !

Lindsey Stirling: