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Spill The Wine (London Records 1996)

   Dark Horse comic character series of dirty sensuality, rough violence and semi-fetish images behind the action thriller with more flash-bangs, explosions, shoot-out and Pamela Anderson Lee starring in Barb Wire sets due to the 2017 second American Civil War based story begins in Hammerhead nightclub owns by her in Steel Harbor known to be the last free city ravaged by war by bring more cashes as bounty hunter mercenary while chief police Willis raiding her place targeting fugitive Dr. Corrina Devonshire and government scientist carrying information about bio-weapon developments trying to escape to Canada as accompanied by Axel Hood the freedom fighter (also the ex-lover of Barb Wire) separating during the conflicts. Finding a contraband pair contact lenses that allowed Cora evade retina scan at the airport but passing through lowlifes and bad guys as ended up to Barb Wire nightclub; known to be worth a fortune – makes Barb Wire dealing with a junkyard boss Big Fatso for selling it million dollars an armed escorts to airport for herself from the black market offers underworld didn’t work out as Big Fatso double crossing her and trapping the deal into the hand of Colonel Pryzer and his storm-troopers with Chief Willis – arresting Cora and Barb.

   A culminating fights and gun shots along the movie also companied by the various artists compilation for the sexy blonde bombshell Barb Wire: original motion picture soundtrack enlisting harder music or Pop-Rock songs from hubby lover Tommy Lee through the industrial metal firing Welcome to Planet Boom, Johnette Napolitano on She’s So Free, rebellious poppy Shampoo’s Don’t Call Me Baby; Hagfish on Hot Child in The City, the Britpop group Marion with Let’s All Go Together and Meat Puppets in Vapourspace over Scum giving time to Barb Wire co-working with Willis by slipping hand grenades for killing Fatso, lead the congressional to a car chase and resulting Colonel Pryzer forklift suspended the crane at the harbor and falls to his death while heroin in tight outfit and sweaty cleavage Barb Wire makes to the airport with Cora and Axel giving them the contact lenses for continuing Canada flight. 

The End.