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Speedster Impaling (Milan Records 1992)

   Nomadic and shape-shifter vampires whom feasting on the energy of the living virgin human can transforming to the normal looks besides the bipedal cat-creature people more resilient to have telekinesis power and making illusions but afraid to facing real house cats that can hurting them because of the curse and the incestuous relationship making a background over this Stephen King’s Horror film – Sleepwalkers as the two mother/son couple Martha (Mary) and Carl (Charles) runs away from Bodega Bay to a small town of Indiana after killing a little girl as well attending new school introduced him to a local girl named Tanya with together recently falling in love romantically caused by Charles’s supernatural charms; almost taking Tanya’s life while picnicking nearby a cemetery where Carl trying to suck her life-form out during the moment they’re kiss before the real form of Sleepwalkers shown as an ugly big creature trying to attacking back Tanya but the girl can defending herself wounding Carl bad with corkscrew plunging his eye before he runs off attacking the local sheriff deputy Clovis shown up earlier to pull Charles for speeding as the creature kills him but then being counter-attack by the Clovis’ pet-cat violently – leaving scratches mortally staggered Charles back home as his mom really furious about it but more and more cats gathering around their house smelling the cursing seeds of their Sleepwalkers background.
Nicholas Pike musical compositions worked very well to telling you and aletring your fear about the evil that’s real in presents around the small town of Indiana; the instrumental tracks like Am I Beautiful ?, You Didn’t Get It, Cop Kabob, This is Homeland or Santo & Johnny classic song to The Contours’ Do You Love Me as well as Boadicea from Enya composing great tunes on the ending credits reveals the truth about the mother/son evil plan as the Sleepwalkers creature as Mary came to retaliate to Tanya Robertson’s house. 
   Severely killed some deputies to state troopers and wounding Tanya parents and kidnapping her back as the cure solution for Charles; escaping the dreadful monstrous being transformed horrendously from Mary’s sexy looks but after killing the sheriff – she got attcks by a large number of cats led by Clovis that violently attacks Mary and killing her as her ugly body looks burned. 

Ablazing bursts by flames Mary died as Tanya hugging Clovis near the driveway for thanking that the horror is over …