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Spearhead Now Now (New Line Records 2006)

   Cobra Starship screaming to you Snakes on a Plane (Bring It) or Panic! At The Disco gave the audience The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage as well as The Academy Is… offering Black Mamba (Teddybears remix) to Ceelo Green’s Ophidiophobia with the rest of the various artists like The All-American Rejects, The Sounds to Gym Class Heroes or The Bronx with composer Trevor Rabin did the themes soundtrack for the action-thriller movie Snakes On A Plane starring Samuel L. Jackson as Detective Neville escorting the US prosecutor beat-up murder by a gang leader in Hawaii witness – Sean Jones for the testify trial in Los Angeles while the gang leader Eddie Kim arranged to put plenty venomous snakes by the flower cargo inside that Boeing 747-400 ensuring that the passengers will be attacked by those reptiles before reaching the destination with one henchemen spraying pheromone that makes the snakes aggressive making their through to the cabin killing couple making sex in the bathroom to the plane captain while checking the electric shorts and you might naming any kinds of poisonous snakes are all on board crawling and hissing aggressively and biting anything that moves or breathing. As snakes attacking the co-pilot; the oxygen masks accidentally releasing and caused most of the poisonous snakes drops down to passengers invaded the cabin quickly as people screaming, panic and got swollen from the bitten torturing process and killed; leaving no choice for Agent Neville battling the snakes and surviving himself from being bitten up as the blockade of luggage that used to be work out crashed as the plane starts to dip down with Flynn contacting FBI specialist and ophiologist found out the illegal snake dealer connected to thus horrible incident for supplying the gang the reptiles as then, being raid by the authority before died from his own snake’s bite as based on the snake-pictures taken inside the plane manages FBI to find the anti-venom ready when they’re arrive while Eddie Kim will be charges within multiple attempts for murders. 
   The thrilling suspense and gory scenes may occurring during the film as everyone gets prepared: after depressurize the cockpit from snakes to letting a bodyguard with flight experience to guiding them to safety landing (based on gaming simulation) as he emergency landing successfully made until a snake bite Sean in the chest but luckily, wearing his bullet-fest and the paramedics helping him – Sean survived and gratitude Agent Neville by taking him for surfing to Bali.