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Speaks Zoltar (Independent 2015)

Blissful consistency in veer sounds or Post-raw rollicking blends to the so-called Pop-Punk, New Wave Pop or Doom Punk and Pop-Indie rocking sound manufactured from Boise – Idaho as the band themselves uniquely, formatting the line-up for two bassists, one drummer, one vocalist and a synth player influenced as Toy Zoo.

Scooping over nine good self-written tracks and simplicity distorting softer moves for the stages performance more or less continues by Cory, Chessa, Lara, Jason and Devin for their self-titled recording album –Toy Zoo as well. Short duration over several minutes or two or lesser than fives truly serving not most adorable tension track-lists to hear completely but entertains further than your boring local romance tunes written down not like an honest one. 

Feel the alternative ways messages stories among Tigers, Zissou, Good Mornings, Gravy and many more accomplished mission targeting your younger non-established and anti commercial Grunge siblings with bigger hope to educates the next generation scene to do something away from just making money !

Toy Zoo: