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Span Nihility (Adorno Records 2016)

   Screamo Hardcore Ambient, Post-Metal to Progressive Shoegaze and Black Metal alliance of sound releasing to produced by the members band Max, Dan, Stephen, Ollie and Adam as hailing themselves off Nottingham, UK through this mini-recording Mourning Cloak which periodically not trying to be well-known but taking their best parts adding more brutality extra and perfect woven mourns beneath the raging riffs and screaming roars that might not giving you ideas on how these guys truly wanted to spend their last breath before death comes and taking almost everything but these monumental music sounds that build extremities to a higher independence limits just like the six minutes and thirty-one second number three track – With Bruised & Bloodied Feet or perhaps, Bank of Roses on the opening enclosing towards almost seven minutes and seventeen seconds blazing the ferocious lyrics that cannot really be interpreted but real …

Mourning Cloak: