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Spaceman (Paramount/Nickelodeon 2016)

   Classics Pop-culture sounds and songs from the seventies and eighties and modern day written or compiled for the soundtrack on the Nickelodeon’s comedy teenage sci-fi movie Monster Trucks as Terravex Oil’s fracking operation on a North Dakota lake releasing three subterranean creatures destroying the rig as others being captured by the company one smaller one escapes to hiding and befriended later with Tripp Cooley; an average boy with a broken-home background doing his part-time job on a local junkyard and trying to build his own pick-up truck before leaving the silly town behind. One night Tripp encounters strange creature with tentacles and big teeth sucking on used oil drums but knowing that the beast actually friendly, he naming it Creech as the modified hollow truck used by Creech within his powerful electro-energy starting the engine of the vehicles amazed Tripp and girlfriend Meredith. Impressive and surprised – with the incoming of Tenneson and his team from the oil company, investigating the area in order to find the strange activities and creature as the sheriff didn’t believe that at all leads to a sneaky incident, exposes and then chasing by the group of the company security trying to take the creature back as Barracuda written by Ann Wilson and her Heart brigade performance rocking, Hunter Hayes romantic track All For You, to the newer ones from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Ain’t No Easy Way to Home theme from Phillip Phillips company the rest of the scene shows on saving Creech family and battles the greedy oil company with the help of scientist, town sheriff, giant trucks and good luck to bring the creatures back home unharmed as Tripp got his dream truck and pretty girl Meredith in the happy endings of the story.