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Sortez Flingues (Ringard Prod 2010)

   With Michael Moor-ish looked on him, J-C or Jean-Claude Lalanne is just being his “otherly musical” artistic personifications as a French Folk-Pop Anarcho singer under the moniker name of Prince Ringard; one might finding out such a disturbing protests or lyrics written among thus great independent works credited towards his presence of timing and timeless efforts releasing something unique or gratitude gradual annoying freaks for the ordinary daily world lifers on listening to these sweeter but bitter in reverse sounds of music creates to meet interests of being abnormality dwelling the alternative visiting views over the modern world needs not within this shit probably, silly and absurd but honest.

Prince Ringard’s Satanique Conversion would pranking your ears with non-gladness and non-comfortable listening of easy music – like Billy Idol decided to turning to anarchist side; the tracks like Gerbe Hexagonale, Un Mec Ordinaire, Social-Comedie, Chien Errant or Le Gueule Dans Le Retro deserved applause from the poor people with sticks on their hands marching towards downtown central …

Satanique Conversion: